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Yongqing BeiFang New Type Thermal Insulation Material Factory

Located in the East Development Zone of Yongqing County,Langfang City,the company is integrated with superior geographical location,convenient transportation and complete communication facilities. It is a professional manufacturer of perlite and perlite slabs of various specifications.Main production: horticultural perlite,building perlite,and various types of perlite insulation board (bricks
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  • 技术工艺TechnologyHas the industry's advanced technology and technology
  • 应用范围ApplicationWidely used in urban greening, horticultural nursery, lawn construction, roof garden and other greening projects.
  • 高性价比ValueOur products have always been famous for their high quality and friendly price.
  • 研发制作CharacteristicLightweight/porous/heat insulation/non-flammable/anti-corrosion
  • 量身定制PropertyPorosity of products greatly promotes the growth and development of virtual roots of plants。
  • 售后服务After saleWe insist on creating a good after-sales experience for every customer.
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